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Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Tools, Culinary Tools

An extensive selection of kitchen gadgets and tools for every kitchen task

Culinary Apple is the place for gadgets. We have the right, high quality kitchen gadget for any task. Whether you need to chop, peel, dice or slice, you'll find what you're looking for in one of our gadget sections.
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Fruit Peelers, Zesters, Corers

Check out our gadgets geared specifically to fruit. You'll find peelers, zesters, slicers and corers for handling all types of fruit.

Vegetable Steamers, Peelers & Choppers

All the tools you need to peel, steam, and roast those veggies. We even have some gadgetst that will help prolong the life of your produce, like the Salad Sac!



Egg Poachers, Egg Slicers, Deviled Egg Trays

Anything you need for the perfect egg, you'll find at the Culinary Apple. Whether you like your eggs poached, scrambled, coddled, hard boiled or fried, you'll find the best gadget for the job right here.

Cheese Tools, Graters, Cheese Boards, Cheese Knife

Whether it's hard cheese, soft cheese or somewhere in between, we have the cheese tool for you. Check out our cheese buttons for your next wine and cheese party!


Spatulas, Tongs & Whisks

Spatulas, Tongs & Whisks

We have a large selection of Spatulas, Tongs and Whisks. Look for silicone tools that will work well on your nonstick cookware!
Sift, Strain & Mash

Sifters, Strainers & Potato Mashers

Whether you need to sift flour, strain pasta or mash those potatoes, we have the right tool for the job. We also have grease keepers, splatter screens and gravy separaters!
Herbs & Spices

Garlic Tools, Salt & Pepper Grinders, Herb Gadgets

We carry the latest in Spice Grinders, Herb Scissors, Herb & Spice Shakers and much more.
Seafood Gadgets

Seafood Scissors, Lobster Crackers, Butter Warmers, Oyster Knives

From Seafood Scissors to Crab & Lobster Crackers, you'll find all the seafood gadgets you need. Don't forget about the butter warmers and lobster bibs!

Canning and Preserving Gadgets

All the tools you need for canning the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season.

Tortilla Bakers & Warmers, Pasta Makers, Chinese Soup Spoons, Sushi Tools

International gadgets can be anything from a Chinese Soup Spoon to an Italian Pasta Maker. Check here for the tools you need to recreate your favorite dishes from around the world.


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