October 29, 2014


Harvest Time is Here Again!

Harvest is here, and it’s finally time to start shipping fresh harvested apples! We’re lucky to live right in the heart of apple country, and we know how much work our local orchardists go through to harvest their crop of apples each year. Because of this, we work hard to ensure we ship the best of the best!

Apples are picked and put in bins then transported to a packaging wharehouse. They are washed, sorted by size, quality graded, then polished. The grade we ship is Washington Extra Fancy Premium—this is the highest grade grown.—size 88. It is the perfect individual serving size eating apple. (Check out the Washington State Apple Commission's website for more information about apple sizes)

We make sure when we select the apples for shipping, that they are polished, blemish free and beautiful. We only ship this time of year, because when you bite into a Washington apple we want to treat you to the taste of a just picked apple right from the tree! It should be crunchy, sweet, and juicy! When you open a box of our apples, you’ll smell the freshness of the orchard, and see the colors of harvest.



Enjoy! There is nothing quite like a Washington Apple!

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