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Did you know that there are over 2,500 apple varieties grown in the United States and that all 50 States grow apples? It takes 4-5 years before an apple tree will bear fruit. Our State of Washington is the number 1 apple producer and over 50 percent of the red delicious apples are grown in our region of the Columbia Valley.  It takes the energy of 50 leaves to produce one apple. One apple is 80 calories and a great source of fiber pectin with 5 grams of fiber!  Eat the peel, 2/3 of the fiber and antioxidants come from the peel! The wax on the apple is made from natural ingredients.


Refrigerate! Refrigerate! Refrigerate!

Apples ripen 6-10 times faster at room temperature than if they were refrigerated.


We're lucky to have the opportunity to share our love of Washington Apples with you! We ship several varieties all over the country as gifts. An apple gift pack is a terrific, healthy gift that everyone will love. The grade of apples we ship are Washington Extra Fancy Premium which is the highest grade apple grown. The size of our apples is 88, which means there are 88 apples in one 40 pound box of apples. The higher the size number the smaller the apple is. There are actually apples that weigh almost 3 pounds. Our size is the perfect snack size.

The water and the climate of Lake Chelan and the Columbia River grow our nations most favorite apple, Red Delicious. We select Striped Red Delicious as they are more crunchy. It is the perfect mildly sweet apple in salads and eating out of your hand.

Eastern Washington’s dry warm climate is exactly what grows a perfectly mellow and sweet Golden Delicious apple. We select “green” Golden Delicious in size 96. The “green” allows for longer storage. The Golden Delicious apple is a baking apple, great in salads and snacking all of which is why it is known as the all purpose apple.
Gala apples have a yellow background with pinkish orange stripes. The Gala apple has a sweet fragrance which you immediately taste with your first snappy crisp bite. Great salad and snacking apple.
Fuji apples are harvested in late fall when our weather helps develop its reddish pink color and superb flavor and texture. The Fuji apple is available all year long. It is abounding in juicy, sweet flavor and firm texture. A great baking, salad and snacking apple.
The Granny Smith apple is a beautiful green and is Washington states favorite pie bakers apple. The regions warm days and cool summer nights produce the apples tart, crunchy, crisp, juicy flavor. The Granny Smith Apple is excellent in baking, salads and for snacking.


We live in what is called “Apple Country” and many of the folks who live here use all the varieties in making their pies, my personal favorite is the Fuji apple. Try a variety of apples for the best tasting pie.


Enjoy the flavor of our region, eat Washington Apples!


Mary Weldy
Mary Weldy


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