Apple Kale Salad Recipe

Dave and I live in East Wenatchee, which is 45 miles from our store in Chelan. We commute on the Link Transit Bus about three times per week, and drive the other days. We don't usually get home until about 7:00 pm. We both enjoy cooking and eating healthy, which means we usually eat a late dinner. The following Apple Kale Salad is a recipe I came up with, and has become one of our favorites. The secret ingredient is using an aged White Balsamic Vinegar. The one we use is aged 18 years, and has a sweet, mellow flavor that adds brightness to the salad.

Toss together:

1 Fuji apple - chopped
2 cups packed baby kale
2 cups angel hair cabbage
1/3 cup blue or gorgonzola cheese
1/2 cup sliced almonds (or whatever nut you like)

Drizzle lightly with aged white balsamic vinegar.

Apple Kale Salad Ingredients Aged White Balsamic Vinegar 

The above measurements are estimates. I don't really measure these ingredients exactly. Feel free to add more or less depending on how many you're serving. We pair this salad with baked, organic, boneless chicken breasts topped with homemade pesto.



Mary Weldy
Mary Weldy


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