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October 05, 2017


Fall is Here and so is Pumpkin Pie Fudge!

There are a few clear signs that fall is in the air. The weather is a little cooler, it's getting dark a little earlier and Pumpkin Pie Fudge is on the shelf at Culinary Apple!

Papa Dave makes this fudge with real pumpkin and spices so this fudge tastes just like holiday pumpkin pie. Stop in for a taste or order our delicious fudge online!

Creamsicle Fudge: A Favorite for Summertime

As the weather warms up, it's interesting to see how tastes in fudges changes from the popular dark chocolate fudge with walnuts to something a little lighter. Creamsicle fudge brings back memories of childhood. Remember when you could hear the music of the ice cream truck before you could see it, and you hoped it was going to turn down your street? Well, I do! My brothers and I would race to the edge of the lawn with our money in hand debating what treat we would try. More often than not, we'd decide on a creamsicle bar. I am amazed at how much Papa Dave's Homemade Creamsicle Fudge brings back those memories every time I sneak a bite!


What was your favorite ice cream truck treat? Comment below, and maybe we'll make it into our next featured fudge!

February 09, 2017


Fudge Kissed Apples

Forget about caramel apples, this week I got the opportunity to make fudge kissed apples! It was so much fun and I was able to let my creativity flow, coming up with all sorts of flavor combinations. I couldn’t simply just dip the apples in our homemade fudge and call it a day, I felt compelled to dip, roll, and drizzle away. With such great ingredients as caramel, chocolate & vanilla fudges, candy pieces, and nuts at my disposal how could I resist? Granny Smith Apples dipped in our homemade Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge, Vanilla Salted Caramel Fudge, Heath English Toffee Fudge, and everyone’s favorite Chocolate Walnut Fudge, the Fudge Kissed Apples emerged. And as I was creating these amazing Fudge Kissed Apples, I was coming up with future flavor ideas, so stay tuned to see what I come up with next because the possibilities are endless!

Fudge Dipped Apples - Culinary Apple

Of course we needed some impartial taste testers to make sure we were on the right track. These two volunteers were impressed!

November 17, 2016

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Homemade Fudge makes a Great Stocking Stuffer!

Santa has his elves, and at this time of year, I wonder if we're all working for the big guy! Holiday gift wrapping is becoming more and more frequent, and our fudge makers have been prepping and making fudge practically non stop! 

There are a few stocking stuffers that make everyone smile, and Homemade fudge is definitely one of them. With so many flavors to choose from, everyone will be happy! Take a look at all the fudge flavors we have to offer, then call, stop by or order online! 

Homemade Fudge Homemade Fudge Stacks

July 21, 2016


Chocolate Fudge or Vanilla Fudge...that's the question!

We have created several new fudge flavors over the years, but none have been more popular, and developed more of a cult-like following than our Sea Salt Caramel Fudge. Picture our signature vanilla fudge with ribbons of caramel spread throughout and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. It became a number one seller almost immediately.

Homemade Sea Salt Caramel Fudge

We wondered, was there anyway to top it?

Well, the chocolate lovers in the group had the answer, and Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Fudge was born. Rich, dark chocolate fudge took the place of the vanilla, but the same gooey caramel ribbons still streaked through, and the sea salt sprinkles complemented everything beautifully. 

Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge

Now the question became which one will our customers like the most?

When the chocolate version first hit the shelves, it flew right back off. Everyone loved it. However, now for every pound of Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel that goes out the door, a pound of Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel follows right behind. So, the debate will continue: Chocolate or Vanilla? I guess when it comes to Sea Salt Caramel Fudge, you really can't go wrong!

March 19, 2016


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Chocolate Fudge Popcorn Recipe

When Dave and I have a dinner sized lunch, we enjoy a big bowl of Firework's Sunset Fire popcorn and fruit with cheese for a snack sized dinner. We used to have a fudge apprentice working for us who would occasionally buy a 1/2 lb of chocolate fudge on a Friday after work. He told me he and his wife loved to melt it and drizzle it over popcorn for a treat while they watched movies. This idea has been parked in the back of my mind for so long that I finally decided to try it, and I'm so glad I did! It's amazingly delicious!! This gourmet treat is quick and easy enough to make for a casual evening with your family, but it's delicious enough to share with company!

Chocolate Fudge Popcorn Recipe 

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Fireworks Sunset Fire Popcorn

Cook on the stove in the Zippy Pop Snack Maker or in a regular pot.

If you're using the Zippy Pop, you can drop chuncks of fudge directly into the pot through the hole in the top. Otherwise, melt 1/2 lb Papa Dave's Chocolate Fudge in the microwave stirring every 15 seconds until melted enough to drizzle over the popcorn.


Chocolate Fudge Popcorn  Zippy Pop Snack Maker

Drizzling Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Fudge Popcorn

February 19, 2016


Cookies and Cream Fudge

Occasionally at our weekly fudge planning meetings, we decide to try out a new fudge flavor. When Fudge Master Dave said I could pick a new one to try out, I was so excited! What an honor! After a lot of agonizing, I decided on Cookies and Cream Fudge (the one flavor my three boys can all agree on). It turned out to be a success, and we had one young customer who became especially hooked.

Cookies & Cream FudgeOne cute little boy loved it so much when we previewed it that he came rushing in full of fudgey excitement the next week only to be heartbroken at the lack of cookies & creaminess in our fudge cabinet. He was so disappointed! I could literally see the excitement and fudgey happiness drain right out of him as he slouched his shoulders and hung his head down. It broke my heart. Each week, though, the decision was made to delay making Cookies and Cream. The boy came in again and again, each time with hope shining in his eyes, only to slouch his shoulders and hang his head in fudgey disappointment. It broke my heart every time. 

I should tell you, that these new flavors don’t always make it into the weekly rotation. There are times we really hit on a great one. Sea Salt Caramel Fudge is a good example of this phenomenon. After we previewed that flavor, we had customers coming back for more so often we knew we had a winner. It has since become one of our top sellers. That doesn’t always happen, though, and other flavors are relegated to the “every-once-in-a-while” category. This is where Cookies and Cream Fudge ended up.

One day during our weekly fudge meeting, Fudge Master Dave announced that we really needed to make Cookies & Cream. He then told me about a sweet little boy who came in so excited and eagerly asked if we had any Cookies & Cream Fudge. “It really broke my heart when I told him we didn’t make that one this week. He was so disappointed! We just have to make some for him”

When the boy came back in and saw the Cookies & Cream Fudge in the cabinet the look on his face was worth it all. So excited and filled with fudgey delight! Fudge Master Dave was our hero, and saved the fudgey day!

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