December 08, 2014


Apple Pie Fudge

Offering an Apple Fudge may seem like an obvious choice for us. I mean, we are known as The Apple Store, and we do specialize in Apple Gifts along with our homemade fudge. So why not offer it? The truth is, I have tried an apple fudge in the past, and just wasn't happy with it. If I'm going to call it Papa Dave's Fudge, then it better be delicious!

Today, I tried making it again with a few changes. Taking inspiration from my popular Pumpkin Pie Fudge, I thought it would be great to try an Apple Pie Fudge. I decided to be truly like apple pie, real apples would need to be included. Fresh apples won't work it fudge, so I looked to dried. Dried fruit can be too chewy, though, and I didn't want that texture to be a distraction from the fudge. I knew I needed to try to soften and plump the dried apple pieces. Of course, any liquid can be used for this purpose, but to enhance the apple flavor, I soaked them in apple cider. We happen to live right across the river from one of the best cider places I know: Orondo Cider Works. They say their cider is so good, because they use clear water, sunshine and the best apple varieties to produce cider packed with flavor. I can't argue with that! I let the dried apple pieces sit in warm cider (165 degrees) for 15 minutes, and they were just the right texture to add to the fudge.

Once I mixed the apples in with Papa Dave's signature vanilla fudge, and a dash of cinnamon the aroma told me I was on to something. We tried it this morning, and everyone loved it. In fact, it's only been on the shelf for a few hours, and we've already sold through 6 lbs! I'd say I found the right flavor combination!

Of course, anything apple could always be made better with a drizzle of caramel, so that may be coming soon, too! With caramel or without, Papa Dave's Apple Pie Fudge is here to stay!


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