January 21, 2015


Meet Heather, my Fudge Apprentice!

2014 finished as our best year ever! Thank you to everyone who visited our store or shopped online! As a small, independent retailer, it means a lot to us!! Papa Dave’s Fudge Factory had its best year also. We normally make around 3,500 pounds of fudge per year. We hit 4,300 pounds in 2014! Wow, what a year. Our new webpage had a lot to do with the increased fudge sales. Apple pie fudge, pumpkin pie fudge and candy cane fudge were all seasonal favorites. For Valentine’s Day gifts we will be doing a vanilla peppermint with sprinkles of red, white and pink. It should be a big hit!

This year, I’ve decided to bring on a fudge apprentice. Because of the versatility of our staff, I didn’t have to look far to find a good fit. Heather was excited to take on the new challenge, and I’m excited to have a little help. Especially if we’re going to shoot for 5,000 pounds of fudge in 2015…! I’ll let Heather introduce herself:

Dave is right, I do like a new challenge, and I’m excited to try my hand at making the famous Papa Dave’s Fudge. My goal is to make the same, quality fudge that Papa Dave is known for, and boy, do I have my work cut out for me! The first thing I realized was how much upper body strength is needed to sling a commercial batch of fudge. I am lacking in that area, and am looking forward to the strength I will be building! The second thing I noticed was how much will power it takes to not taste test each batch. The smells are amazing—making the peanut butter chocolate fudge almost dropped me to my knees. Today, we’ll be making my favorite of all fudge favorites…Maple Walnut. I know that’s Dave’s favorite, too, so maybe we’ll both have to do a little quality control after this batch is done…

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