March 26, 2015


Hurry Up and Make it Smooth or The Art of Pouring Fudge

Heather is doing a great job in the short time that she has been making fudge. It certainly has been a big help to me. I just have to make sure I don't disappear like I did a couple weeks ago while she was in the process of pouring and swirling designs in the fudge trays. Next time I will let everyone know where I'm going! I have asked Heather to give her thoughts on how she feels her fudge apprenticeship is going. ~ Dave

And so goes my journey as the new fudge apprentice. I now realize why I will be an "apprentice" until I have made a few thousand pounds of fudge--there is a lot more that goes into mastering fudge making than when it's made at home. I am currently trying to master the "hurry-up" technique. I find myself focusing so much on perfecting everything that I forget to do it quickly! If I'm not quick enough the fudge will settle and I lose the smooth, mirror-like surface. That's what I  will be focusing on perfecting now...hurry up and make it smooth! Wish me luck...? ~ Heather

When she says hurry up and make it smooth, she's right, you do have to move quickly. The fudge reaches 165 degrees in the kettle, but once you start pouring it cools rapidly. With our layered fudges like Chocolate Mint Swirl or Amaretto Chocolate fudge, we do a swirled pattern so the chocolate mixes with the flavored fudge on top. It not only makes it more attractive, but it tastes better, too! If you take too much time perfecting the swirled designs then move the pan to where it will set up overnight, the top 1/4 inch can shift causing a ripple effect, and you lose that smooth, glass-like surface. The good news is that the shift doesn't affect the great taste and creamy texture of Papa Dave's Fudge.

The Tower of Fudge!

Heather did a great job making our newest flavor: Salted Caramel Fudge. We put it in the cabinet this morning, and sold 3 pounds in less than 3 hours--and this is our slow season at the Lake! I can't imagine how much we're going to have to make once Memorial Day hits! Next I think we'll try a Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Fudge. Doesn't that sound terrific? ~ Dave



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