May 20, 2015


On my way to 4,000 lbs, and the title of Fudge Master!

My journey as the fudge apprentice continues...and it will be continuing for quite some time, I hear. I won't lose the "apprentice" title until I have made over 4,000 lbs of fudge. Yowzers! 4,000 lbs seems like a lot, but I truly learn something new each time I make a batch of fudge. I no longer get as nervous, but still find myself double checking my steps. Which, I found, is a good thing, because it is so easy to make a mistake or forget a step! I definitely have to keep my head in the game and stay focused on the task, or rather the fudge, at hand.

This week we'll be making a new flavor or two (at least new to me--did you get to try Rootbeer Float Fudge last summer?), and let me tell you, I am so excited to not only to make the new flavors, but to taste them as well! With three boys at home, I am sure I will be taking home some of those new flavors to share with those rambunctious little boys, who actually aren't so little anymore.

As my fudge apprentice journey continues, I find myself wondering just how many pounds of fudge I have to make before I get the coveted "Fudge Master" title....

One way you know summer is here (or almost here) is by the sight of Rootbeer Float Fudge in the fudge cabinet. You'll see it there this upcoming weekend--just in time for the red, white and blue Memorial Day weekend!

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