June 18, 2015


National Fudge Day - June 16th

June 16th has come and gone, and hopefully you took time to celebrate this day with your favorite fudge flavor! Being famous for Papa Dave's fudge at Culinary Apple, we consider everyday National Fudge Day! My personal favorite is Maple Nut, it's so smooth and creamy, and with the added walnut crunch, it's tough to beat. On the 16th, I noticed that we were down to just half a pound of the Maple Nut Fudge, so I decided to sample it with our visitors. Of course, because it's my favorite, I had to try several of those samples myself...! As you already know, I am the Fudge Master at Culinary Apple, but I'm training an apprentice, and this batch was made by her. I'm delighted to say that Heather did a terrific job, the Maple Nut Fudge was delicious! I googled National Fudge Day to find out how it got started, but the origin is unknown. Whatever the reason, it can't be denied that celebrating this delicious sweet treat is a great way to spend the day!  

Once in a while we introduce new flavors. Of course over the summer, our seasonal favorite is Rootbeer Float Fudge, but probably my favorite new flavor is Apple Pie Fudge. We start making this one closer to apple harvest -- many of you know we're located in Central Washington, and the heart of apple country. Harvest actually begins soon with the picking of Ginger Gold apples, and continues through September. The season for Apple Pie Fudge is right around the corner. It's made with fresh apple cider, dried apples and cinnamon powder. It quickly become a local favorite, and as word has gotten out, we have started sending it nationwide!


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