July 23, 2015


Mary's Favorite Fudge

My favorite fudge has always been chocolate walnut. It is actually our number one seller, so many seem to agree with me! One day about 6 years ago, Jordan, our fudge apprentice at the time, made a mistake when making fudge. He poured all the vanilla fudges that require a full tray, like Heath English Toffee or Vanilla Walnut. Then he poured the few that require a half tray because they are either layered, or mixed with a top layer of chocolate. One of our most popular vanilla fudge flavors is Chewy Praline. That fudge has Caramel and Pecans sandwiched between two layers of vanilla fudge. So typically, a layer of vanilla would be poured, it would be topped with a caramel pecan layer, then another layer of vanilla fudge would top it off. The mistake came when he poured dark chocolate fudge on top instead. What could we do? We had to taste it, and it was delicious! Our vanilla fudge is sweeter than the dark chocolate fudge, and when those flavors combine with the chewy praline center it's a little bit of everything -- the perfect combination. Jordan named his new creation "Zebra", and it has been on our fudge shelf ever since. It quickly became my new personal favorite.


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