September 10, 2015


Fudge Apprentice


As I get more comfortable and settled in my role as fudge apprentice, I find myself perfecting and swirlizing (that's a technical fudge term...) the fudges. Gone are the days when I over thought every aspect of the fudge making process, it is now becoming routine. I now focus on the challenge of perfecting the "art" of the swirl. Analyzing the best way of swooping then bottom layer of fudge up onto the top layer to get longer swoops in order to have more color to work with for the perfect swirls. And by golly, I think I may just have it! It will take a few more trys to see if I truly have figured it out. So, stay tuned to find out...or better yet, come in and see for yourself! Check out the swirls on the Amaretto Chocolate Swirl!





now that I have been challenging myself with the Swirl, I decided to step it up a little bit and add in the Drizzle. Achieving the perfect drizzle may seem simple, but really it takes time, patience and a weeee bit of creativity. Our Heath English Toffee Fudge seemed like the best candidate for me to try our my drizzling skills. Vanilla Fudge with Heath English Toffee candy pieces mixed in now features a yummy chocolate drizzle on top. In fact, it looks so much more scrumptious with the Drizzle, that we are having a hard time keeping Heath English Toffee Fudge in the cabinet!





Penuche Fudge, an old fashioned brown sugar fudge that grandma used to make. One of my favorites, ans so special because we only make it twice a year. It tastes so good, so why oh why don't we fill the cabinet with it every week? Well...I now know why. Today was the first time I got the honor of making the oh so special Penuche Fudge. And boy oh boy, it's a tough one! While it is still one of my favorite fudges to eat, and will always hold a special place in my heart, I will be forever thankful we only make it twice a year.




Fudge Apprentice vs. Fudge Master

As I continue to grow and improve my fudge mastery and develop new fudge-y skills, I wonder if I'm still a fudge apprentice. Now, I know I am no where near becoming a Fudge Master, I still have a couple thousand more pounds of fudge making to go, but I wonder...couldn't there be an in between? Somewhere in the middle of fudge Apprentice and Fudge Master? How about something simple like "Fudge Maker"? Where I could still grow, develop and improve, but shed the dreaded "Apprentice" label. Maybe I should ask the all knowing Fudge Master. I wonder what he would say...? Check out all our fudge flavors on our website!


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