July 21, 2016


Chocolate Fudge or Vanilla Fudge...that's the question!

We have created several new fudge flavors over the years, but none have been more popular, and developed more of a cult-like following than our Sea Salt Caramel Fudge. Picture our signature vanilla fudge with ribbons of caramel spread throughout and a sprinkle of sea salt on top. It became a number one seller almost immediately.

Homemade Sea Salt Caramel Fudge

We wondered, was there anyway to top it?

Well, the chocolate lovers in the group had the answer, and Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Fudge was born. Rich, dark chocolate fudge took the place of the vanilla, but the same gooey caramel ribbons still streaked through, and the sea salt sprinkles complemented everything beautifully. 

Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge

Now the question became which one will our customers like the most?

When the chocolate version first hit the shelves, it flew right back off. Everyone loved it. However, now for every pound of Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel that goes out the door, a pound of Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel follows right behind. So, the debate will continue: Chocolate or Vanilla? I guess when it comes to Sea Salt Caramel Fudge, you really can't go wrong!

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