Praline Candy at Culinary Apple

When we think of pralines we think of that delicious New Orleans treat. Well, we've come up with a way to recreate that flavor right here at Culinary Apple! Meagan, our fudge apprentice, has been bringing lots of new fudge flavors throughout the summer. (Did you get to try Red Velvet?) Now she's onto something totally new: Pralines!

Meagan scooping the first praline candy

Made with real butter, cream and 2 kinds of brown sugar, then tumbled with pecans, these sweet treats will delight your taste buds. 

Praline Candy at Culinary Apple Homemade Praline Candy at Culinary Apple New Orleans Pralines in Chelan!

Stop in to try our newest creation, and of course, we still have all our homemade fudge to choose from, as well!

JoAnne Strandberg
JoAnne Strandberg


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