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Siren Song Winery - A French Lunch at Lake Chelan

My sister-in-law Phyllis and I have an annual birthday tradition. No gift necessary - instead a birthday card and lunch is preferable. Due to busy schedules, the celebrations are not always during the birthday month. My birthday is in February and this year we celebrated in April – much to my benefit. According to our tradition, the “birthday girl” gets to choose the venue, and I made a great choice! The Friday prior, two women came into Culinary Apple raving about the lunch they had just had at Siren Song Winery. Their description of their meal was all I needed to decide I wanted that same experience! I definitely made the right choice. The food, the wine and the atmosphere were all wonderful.

We started out with a quick wine tasting so as to choose the correct wine to accompany our lunch.

Jolie from Siren Song Winery on Lake ChelanChardonnay from Siren Song Winery in Lake Chelan

We then decided to split 2 of their most popular menu items – an Heirloom Caprese Salad and the Parisian Picnic which is a delicious plate of French cheeses, charcuterie, olives and their wonderful French baguette.

Caprese Salad from Siren Song Winery at Lake ChelanParisian Picnic Lunch at Siren Song Winery on Lake Chelan

The view was lovely, the food was delicious and our servers were very gracious – they even helped us get some nice photos on the patio. Before we had finished our lunch we were given a little peek at the desserts. That helped us decide to get a “doggy bag” for the remaining items on our plates so that we had room for the gorgeous French Macaroon Trio. They were as delicious as they looked and there were none left for the doggy bag!

Macaroon Trio from Siren Song Winery at Lake Chelan

What a fabulous way to celebrate my birthday! Phyllis is going to have a tough decision to make when it's her turn to pick our lunch. We love to try new places, but I'd be happy right back at Siren Song Winery!

November 17, 2016


The Trifecta of Gift Boxes!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to satisfy a variety of cravings? Take a look at our Red Delicious Gift Box. The Red Delicious Gift Box contains a bottle of Wapato Point Cellars signature red blend along with three Washington Red Delicious Apples and 1 lb of Papa Dave's Homemade Fudge. This makes a wonderful holiday gift that could even be shared with family and friends!

Rocky Pond Winery Welcomed in Downtown Chelan

Tasting Room at Rocky Pond Winery“It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!” That’s what Sally and I told each other as we strolled down Woodin Ave. last Friday on our way to join the celebration at Rocky Pond Winery’s new tasting room in downtown Chelan. It was opening day, and the place was packed with people ready to welcome the Rocky Pond crew to Chelan! The renovation to the building is beautiful and elegant with a mix of natural materials like dark brick and light wood. They offer lots of seating, too. The tasting bar is long to accommodate those wishing to taste. Couches and tables are available for those that prefer to buy a bottle or a glass to enjoy while chatting, or watching the shoppers stroll by.

Rocky Pond Winery Tasting MenuThe tasting staff is very friendly, and worked hard to make everyone feel welcome. There are four wines on the tasting menu now, three whites, and one red. All are made from grapes grown in their Clos CheValle vineyard in the Lake Chelan AVA. Start with 2013 Glacial Treasure, a lovely blend of Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Viognier. Next, try the 2013 Dry Riesling which has a crisp mineral taste highlighted with citrus. The 2013 Chardonnay will surprise you with notes of honey and fruit. The 2014 Syrah is the final wine on the tasting list, and is smooth, earthy and delicious.

The personal touches throughout the tasting room really give a sense of what is important to David and Michelle Duffenhorst, the owners of Rocky Pond Winery. They have a striking display of a picture of the Columbia River, which spans the depth of the tasting room, and have overlaid it with the route they took on a bicycle trip through France – bringing their inspiration for crafting great wines home to Washington, and our beautiful valley. We can definitely envision this tasting room quickly becoming a favorite place for shoppers to take a break, or a fun place to meet for a glass of wine before going out for dinner. 

 Rocky Pond Grand Opening   Rocky Pond Winery Tasting Room

Sally and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Rocky Pond Winery opening, and the whole Culinary Apple team is excited to welcome them to downtown Chelan! 

October 22, 2015


Radiance Winery

It is just over a year since I authored my first wine blog. At that time there were right around 24 wineries within our Lake Chelan Wine Valley. We have now grown to 30 and expect to reach 33! Several of the wineries expanded to a second location, but the rest of the growth is new wineries popping up and sharing the fruits of their labors. It is so exciting to see the talent and passion of the new wine makers. So many are family run wineries with involvement of the entire family in the operation. A perfect example of that is Radiance Winery in Manson. Located in a renovated 100 year old red barn on Klate Road, Radiance Winery has created a warm and welcoming place to taste and enjoy their wines. On a recent visit to the winery I was greeted by the entire Crowder family, as I entered the tasting room. I felt so welcomed and comfortable – just like being at home. The purpose of my visit was to have a second taste of their Chardonnay since we had just added that to our selection of wines at the Culinary Apple. It was just as delicious as I remembered. Lightly oaked with a silky texture and clean finish, it is a very enjoyable Chardonnay. Equally enjoyable was the opportunity to visit with the Crowder family and hear their story. I am excited to watch them grow and develop their wines. Radiance Winery is a wonderful addition to the Lake Chelan Wine Valley and a great addition to the wine shelf at Culinary Apple.

June 17, 2015


Chill Out on your next Picnic

It's finally becoming picnic weather!! The sun is shining, the afternoons are getting warmer, and the Lake Chelan valley is beckoning picnickers. There are so many picturesque spots along the shore of beautiful Lake Chelan, and so many breath taking views from the Lake Chelan Valley Wineries the choices are limitless. So, after the decision of where to picnic is made, the next difficult decision is what wine to bring! For me, it has to be a chilled Viognier, Pinot Gris or my all-time summer favorite--a dry Rose'. Next task is to assemble the picnic gear. Aside from the standard picnic basket or cooler, there are three essentials for me: wine glasses, cork screw and the Chill Cooling Pour Spout from True Fabrications. I like my whites and Rose's to stay chilled and the pouring spout is perfect solution. I always have it ready by storing it in the freezer. Once the bottle of wine is opened, just pour the first glass then insert the Chill Pouring Spout. The gel center keeps the wine at just the right serving temperature. The pour spout is drip free and has a tight seal to preserve and stop. No picnic basket should be without it. So pick a spot, pop a cork and savor the scenery with a chilled bottle of fabulous Lake Chelan Valley wine.
April 24, 2015


A Rose' by any other Name (would still be pink)

With Chelan Nouveau quickly approaching, my excitement rises at the thought of all of the wonderful Rose’ wines about to be released. For me there is nothing better than a chilled glass of Rose’ on a beautiful spring or a hot summer afternoon.  I first experienced a dry Rose’ while visiting in the south of France which is the epicenter of Rose’.  Initially I insisted that I would not drink “pink wine” as it was way too sweet for my palate. After much persuasion I tried a glass and was immediately hooked. Rose’ was my beverage of choice for our long afternoon lunches. I was amazed at all of the different hues to the wines and the different characteristics of tastes. So when I returned to the states I made it my mission to find “French” Rose’ wines. Now that I live in the Chelan Valley, my mission is to seek out the Chelan valley Rose’ wines – and I have been having a great time doing it.   Here in the Chelan Valley, the wine makers do a fabulous job of crafting Rose’ wines from many different varietals of grapes.  The wine can be made from a single varietal or a blend of several. In the Chelan AVA the Syrah grape seems to dominate. Some winemakers use Syrah as a stand-alone varietal, others use it as a part of their blend. Grenache, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, and Mouvedre’ also play a strong role. Rose’ wine achieves some of its color from contact with the grape skins during fermentation. Also the amount of time the skins are in contact will determine the hue. The shorter the time on the skins during fermentation, the lighter the color. The grape varietal also plays a big role in determining the shade of pink which will vary in color from a very pale pink to a brilliant hot pink. Take my advice: grab a chilled bottle of Rose’, find a spot with a view, and enjoy!

Enjoy Chelan Nouveau for one more weekend April 25 - 26. And check out the Lake Chelan Wine Valley website for more information! 

March 18, 2015


Wine Tasting on the South Shore of Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan now has 23 wineries and tasting rooms, and it seems like more are popping up all the time! It's a great time to be a wine lover in the Chelan Valley. If you are planning to go wine tasting while visiting Lake Chelan, one way you might split up an itinerary is by doing the South Shore one day, and the North Shore the next. The South Shore of Lake Chelan boasts six wineries and two tasting rooms, and all are relatively close to one another. 

If you're driving into town off of 97A from the direction of Wenatchee, you'll see Tunnel Hill winery on the right as you enter the city of Chelan. With it's charming stone exterior, and lovely landscaping off the back of the tasting room, this is a lovely place to taste. There is a beautiful water feature in their courtyard, and although it is right off the highway, they have managed to create a secret garden of sorts, and it's easy to feel like you're lost in the vineyard. Kids will enjoy racing rubber duckies down the stream, while adults taste and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Stop in at Sunshine Farm, which is on the opposite side of the parking lot, during the summer months for organic produce, local cheeses and other snack items to enjoy while you taste.

Tunnel Hill Winery Tunnel Hill Winery Waterfall

Directly across from Tunnel Hill it is the turn to the left that will get you heading up lake. Nefarious Cellars is right up the road, along with Chelan Estate, Karma, Fielding Hills tasting room and a new tasting room called Siren Song (open spring 2015).

Each of these is worth a visit, starting with Nefarious Cellars. They offer award winning wines with a beautiful view of the lake. The patio right off their tasting room is nestled among their vineyard, and has comfy Adirondack chairs where you can soak in the sun and the breathtaking view while enjoying a glass of wine. The tasting room staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Tasting fee is $5, but is refundable when you purchase a bottle of wine. They do have a grassy area as well, and a small playset that younger children will find entertaining.

As you drive up the hill to Nefarious, you'll pass right by the entrance to Fielding Hills tasting room. Fielding Hills has recently constructed a gorgeous tasting room with a wonderful view of Lake Chelan with the goal of making their wine easier to find and available to a wider audience. They are definitely in good company here at Lake Chelan. They do only red wines, and they do them very well. Fielding Hills has won numerous awards for many of their wines at the Seattle Wine Awards competition. The bottling facility is just south of Chelan in Wenatchee, and we are so glad they've made the trip north to share their wines with us! Tasting fee is $10.

There are many unique things about Karma Vineyards that may have you adding this to one of your "must-visit" wineries. For one thing, it is built right into the side of the mountain, with their restaurant inside the "cave". This makes for an intimate atmosphere inside, and an ideal spot for a romantic occasion. However, there is also a beautiful outdoor patio for those that would rather enjoy our Eastern Washington sunshine! As you're tasting along the South Shore, this is a lovely stop for lunch or a snack. They offer small bites, medium bites and large bites depending on your mood. Karma is one of only a few wine makers in the state of Washington that also bottles Methode Champenois -- a sparkling wine made in the French tradition, and for those that are not wine enthusiasts, you'll be happy to hear they also have beer on tap! Tasting fee $5.

Chelan Estate is one of the very first wineries to open their doors in Lake Chelan, so they've seen a lot of changes. Not the least of which is being a forerunner in what has become the Lake Chelan AVA. Their signature wine is their Pinot Noir, and it's a lovely wine to sip on their deck while enjoying a sweeping view up lake. Bring a picnic and enjoy an afternoon with Bob and Mary!

As you're tasting, you'll want an option for a meal. Tsillan Cellars and Sorrento's Ristorante makes a great stopping point. The tasting room is gorgeous, and will transport you to Italy as you sip their offering of both white and red wine. The Bellissima Rosa is a red blend, and always a favorite. As is the Syrah, which is their boldest wine. Enjoy lunch or dinner at Sorrento's where the chef makes homemade pasta, and other authentic Italian fare. Incidentally, this restaurant was recently voted one of the top scenic restaurants in America, so I can guarantee you the view will not disappoint! Tasting fee $5.

Tsillan Cellars

Mellisoni Vineyards is newly represented on the South Shore, and in fact their tasting room is still under construction. They are open for business, though, and offer 2 big reds and 4 white wines. The view from their new location is fantastic, and the tasting room staff is friendly and so helpful. 

Siren Song has it's winery in West Seattle, but have recently turned their sites East of the Cascades, and their brand new tasting room is slated to open Spring 2015.