Location, Location, Location

Location, location, location. This is the most commonly used phrase when contemplating a change or a move. Two of Chelan Valley wineries have shown us how it also relates to them.

The Fireplace at The CabinWe all know Rio Vista as the “winery on the river.” Their unique and beautiful location is perfect for weddings, picnics and just unwinding in the summer sun. This is one location that is tough to improve on. However during the winter months, the tasting room on the river closes. The good news for all of us who love their wine, is John and Jan Little have just opened up a second tasting room in Manson! “The Cabin in Manson,” has quickly become a favorite winter escape for wine lovers. The warmth of the wood burning fireplace is so inviting on a winter day. It’s the perfect spot to cozy up with your sweetheart, and enjoy award winning wines during the cold winter months--or any time of year. You can find The Cabin at 224 E. Wapato Way in Manson.

Another winery that isn't afraid to rock the boat and grow into a new spot is Hard Row to Hoe. Don and Judy Phelps have expanded their enterprise by opening an additional tasting room in Leavenworth. Located downstairs in the basement at 837 Front Street, you’ll find their new space fits in with Hard Row’s “bordello” theme. For those of us who miss seeing Rudy at the Manson location, you can find him serving up the vast array of unique and award winning wines that Hard Row to Hoe has to offer in Leavenworth.

We are so fortunate here in the Chelan Valley to have two such stellar wineries expand their locations so that it is possible to enjoy their wines throughout the year. Whether you’re on the river, in the cabin, or you've found yourself in one of two tasting parlors, you’re in for a treat with Rio Vista and Hard Row to Hoe!

At Culinary Apple, we carry wines from all over the Lake Chelan AVA, including Rio Vista and Hard Row to Hoe. If you can't make it to their tasting rooms, or would like us to ship you a variety of wine from our AVA, take a look at what we have to offer on our website.

Sally Coleman
Sally Coleman


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