Siren Song Winery - A French Lunch at Lake Chelan

My sister-in-law Phyllis and I have an annual birthday tradition. No gift necessary - instead a birthday card and lunch is preferable. Due to busy schedules, the celebrations are not always during the birthday month. My birthday is in February and this year we celebrated in April – much to my benefit. According to our tradition, the “birthday girl” gets to choose the venue, and I made a great choice! The Friday prior, two women came into Culinary Apple raving about the lunch they had just had at Siren Song Winery. Their description of their meal was all I needed to decide I wanted that same experience! I definitely made the right choice. The food, the wine and the atmosphere were all wonderful.

We started out with a quick wine tasting so as to choose the correct wine to accompany our lunch.

Jolie from Siren Song Winery on Lake ChelanChardonnay from Siren Song Winery in Lake Chelan

We then decided to split 2 of their most popular menu items – an Heirloom Caprese Salad and the Parisian Picnic which is a delicious plate of French cheeses, charcuterie, olives and their wonderful French baguette.

Caprese Salad from Siren Song Winery at Lake ChelanParisian Picnic Lunch at Siren Song Winery on Lake Chelan

The view was lovely, the food was delicious and our servers were very gracious – they even helped us get some nice photos on the patio. Before we had finished our lunch we were given a little peek at the desserts. That helped us decide to get a “doggy bag” for the remaining items on our plates so that we had room for the gorgeous French Macaroon Trio. They were as delicious as they looked and there were none left for the doggy bag!

Macaroon Trio from Siren Song Winery at Lake Chelan

What a fabulous way to celebrate my birthday! Phyllis is going to have a tough decision to make when it's her turn to pick our lunch. We love to try new places, but I'd be happy right back at Siren Song Winery!

Sally Coleman
Sally Coleman


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