Bridge Coaching Placemats

Bid with confidence using these informational and practical bridge coaching place mats. Five-card major bidding information is just a glance down from your hand on these 9 1/2" x 13" mats. 

Easy to read, and perfect for beginners.

Quick reference subjects:

  • High card point counts
  • Opening Notrump bids
  • Notrump responses to 1NT opening
  • Suit responses to NT opening
  • Responses to NT opening
  • Opening bids of 1 in a suit
  • Responses to opening suit bids
  • Rebids by opener
  • Opening 2 bids in a suit (strong)
  • Preemptive bid (opening 3 in a suit)
  • Requirements to overcall
  • Take-out double
  • The Blackwood convention
  • Opening 1NT with 15-17 HCP

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