Instant Pickler

The Instant Pickler gives home cooks a simple way to make refrigerator or quick pickles. Try it with cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beets, ginger, onions, corn, okra, asparagus, celery, jalapenos, beans and other produce from the garden.

It's simple to use. After making and cooling a pickling mixture, just pour it into the Instant Pickler filled with the vegetables of your choice. Replace the lid, and extract the air. As the air is extracted, a vacuum is created, and the vinegar mixture is drawn into the vegetables so the pickling can begin.

  • Make homemade refrigerator pickles without added preservatives
  • Made of durable plastic, the container can be used for food-storage. 
  • Contains: 44 oz Pickling Container, Vacuum valve air-tight lid, Vacuum Pump

Type: Gadgets

Vendor: Vacuvin

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