Shun Sima Steak Knife Set

Believe it or not, the knife used to cut that perfect steak makes a difference. Because the flavor of any steak is in the juices that are held inside the fibers of the meat, cutting with the razor sharp blade of the Shima Steak Knife ensures those juices (and flavor!) are kept right where they belong -- in the meat!

The 5 inch blade with its slight recurve is designed for one-pass slicing. Flat blades crush the steak, and mean you need to "saw" in order to get through. The full tang construction lends to a perfectly balanced knife. The slim handle fits perfectly in the hand, and allows for optimal control. The handle is made of PakkaWood infused with resin to ensure long lasting beauty, water resistance and it won't harbor bacteria.

Set of 4 knives.

Category: kellie-chris

Type: Registry

Vendor: Shun

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