Watermelon Keg- Sale Cart

Deluxe Watermelon Tapping Kit

You will be the hit of any summertime gathering with this Watermelon Tapping Kit that turns any watermelon into a beverage dispenser. It's simple to install into a standard size, hollowed out watermelon. Then just fill with your favorite beverage!


  • Watermelon Keg Tap
  • 2-in-1 Scoop and Coring Tool
  • Instructions

Easy Recipe Idea:

Trim the bottom of the melon just to create a flat surface if necessary. It's best if you can find a seedless melon.

Cut a lid from the top of the melon, then scoop out the fruit with the included tool and reserve

Use the coring tool to make a hole near the bottom where you will insert the shank and attach the faucet.

Puree the reserved melon in a blender, and add sugar to taste. Strain to remove any solids. Add back to the emptied melon along with seltzer water to taste for a sparkling beverage. You could also add vodka for a refreshing adult beverage! Garnish with lime and mint, and serve over ice.

Measurements depend on the size of the watermelon, so experiment and have fun!

Type: Sale Cart

Vendor: Final Touch

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