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Constructive Eating for Kids!

It's so much fun making special memories with our grandkids. I love having my 3 year old granddaughter visit me in Chelan. She has her own bedroom where I keep all her special toys, many of which belonged to my son and daughter when they were kids. She also has her own cupboard in the kitchen where I keep special dishes just for her. She knows where everything is, and we have fun setting the table together. I recently bought her a plate, flatware and placemat by Constructive Eating that she loves. The set I bought for her has a fairy theme, so the fork looks little like a rake, the spoon is a shovel, and there is a garden hoe she can use to push food onto her spoon. The plate has separate sections for her meal, and it even has a little ramp where she can push small things onto her spoon. Mealtime is always fun, because she gets to play a little as she eats, and we can make mealtime into a game.

I have sent the same type of dishes to several dear friends of mine who now also have grandchildren. One of my best friends has two grandsons, and I thought they'd enjoy the construction themed set best. The spoon is called a front-loader, there's a "fork-lift", and a bulldozer. She was kind enough to send a picture of her darling grandsons using their sets. She told me they love pushing the bulldozer along the plate to load up the spoon or forklift! 

These are the memories I know we will both cherish, and that our grandchildren will remember long after they've grown.


Author, Phyllis Coleman is looking forward to more grandchildren to love!

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