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Knife Sharpening - Lake Chelan

Culinary Apple can take all the anxiety and guess work out of maintaining and sharpening your knives. We now offer Professional Knife Sharpening services right here in Chelan, WA. We have invested in the Tru Hone Professional Knife Sharpening System, which means we have the ability to hone and sharpen your knives back to as good as new. This three step process produces a perfect edge every time.

The Process

  1. Grinding both bevels simultaneously to produce an equal bevel on both sides of the the blade
  2. Setting the edge at the proper angle for your knife
  3. Honing the edge which finishes it to razor sharpness, and eliminating any imperfections on the cutting edge

It is even possible to repair chipped edges, and re-curve broken tips using this system. Stop in and talk with us about what can be done if your knives have damage of this kind.

Just bring in the knives you'd like sharpened, and we will take care of the rest. You pay when you pick them up - the service usually takes just 1 - 2 days. We would be happy to loan you a knife from the Culinary Apple kitchen while you wait. When you pick up your knives, we will even show you a couple tricks for maintaining the edge of the knife at home.

Cost is about $1.50 per inch. We cannot sharpen scissors at this time.

Find us in Historic Downtown Chelan, WA. Or, give us a call with any questions!


Mon-Sat: 10am to 5:30pm
Sun: 11am-3pm

109 E. Woodin Ave Chelan, WA 98816