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Cooking Class in Chelan

Cooking Class in Chelan

As many of you know, we have hosted many cooking classes throughout our 20+ years. Although we have moved away from offering classes, we still get asked about them often. Now, we're happy to say, there are a couple great cooking class options in Chelan. One that I can't recommend highly enough, is through CheffyK and CA.

CheffyK from CheffyK and CA Cooking Classes

My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a cooking class with Cheffy K and CA, and we learned so much! Not only did we walk away with some great ideas for 3 different Superbowl Sliders, we also learned, or re-learned, some great tips for working in the kitchen. We had an in depth lesson in knife skills -- from knife maintenance to the proper dice technique for a variety of vegetables. (I couldn't wait to go home and try dicing onions and peppers). Kent offered some great ideas for creating less food waste. (More of that bell pepper is is edible than you think). And, perhaps the most satisfying trick of all was when he showed us how to make the best sauteed mushrooms. (Don't overcrowd the pan, then don't touch them! Let them sizzle, if you stir, they steam, and no one wants soggy mushrooms).

Cheffy K, Kent Getzin, and Cheryl Ann Crego make their home welcoming for everyone. The kitchen is set up in such a way that everyone has a perfect vantage point for the instruction portion of the class. The couple works well together, anticipating needs to make sure each demonstration runs smoothly. I loved how encouraged we all were to ask questions, and how willing Kent and Cheryl Ann were to answer fully, even if it meant a brief tangent. It all added to the comfort and fun of the class. 

Super Bowl Sliders from CheffyK and CA

We received instruction on three great recipes for Superbowl Sliders. One Salmon, one Sausage & Beef, and one Lentil Hummus. A wide variety of choices for any palate, and all were delicious! Homemade focaccia served as the bun. We were all surprised at how easily the dough came together, and that it was done baking by the time we were ready to taste everything.

I can't recommend their classes highly enough. Bring a bottle of wine to sip and share during the instruction. Fruit infused water was provided for everyone. 

It was such a treat to spend a cold Saturday in January in such a warm and inviting setting. We will definitely be making the Salmon Sliders for Superbowl this year.

Quick update: We did make the salmon sliders for our Super Bowl party, and they were  a huge hit! The recipe was so easy to follow, and they tasted just as delicious as they did at the cooking class. Check out their website for upcoming classes. They offer a full schedule through the winter months, too!

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