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Knife Sharpening in Lake Chelan

Knife Sharpening in Lake Chelan

Knives, like any other tool or machine, need to be maintained. If it isn't tuned up or in good working order, you're going to run into problems. That's why a sharp knife is a safe knife. Also, working with a sharp knife will allow you to get a cleaner cut and thinner, more precise, slices. At Culinary Apple, we often sell customers a manual knife sharpener for home maintenance, and these are great -- when they get used. Most people don't take the time required to keep their cutlery at peak sharpness. Or, they don't feel confident they are using the manual knife sharpeners correctly. This leads to consumers making due with dull, inefficient knives or with the feeling that their knives are wearing out too quickly.

Knife Sharpening in Lake ChelanManual Wusthof Knife SharpenerKnife Friendly Epicurean Cutting Board

It can be tough to find a reliable company that can sharpen knives professionally in the Chelan Valley. This is why we have invested in a commercial Tru Hone Knife Sharpening System. We now have the ability to hone sharpen all straight edge knives and cleavers along with most serrated knives. With the Tru Hone system, we can bring these knives back to factory standards. Come talk to us if you have a knife with a chip or have a broken tip, too. These can often be repaired as well.

Whether you live near Lake Chelan, or are coming to visit with your own knives, we invite you to come talk with us about Professional Knife Sharpening, and how we can help restore and maintain the knives you already own. We can also show you the benefits of investing in good quality cutlery, and knife friendly cutting boards that will help extend the life of your blade, too.

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