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Ready, Set, Grill!

Ready, Set, Grill!

The sun is out, and that means we're all thinking about outdoor living again! Is your grill ready for the season? We've got a short checklist to make sure you're ready before you head outside for the first BBQ of the season.

1. Clean it!

It's been a long winter without the bbq for some of us, but before you throw those steaks on the grill, make sure those grill grates are clean.

It's important to have a good grill brush. We recommend using one without the small wire bristles that can break off and end up in your food. Try a bristle free bbq brush this season to eliminate that concern.

Once it's clean, keep it that way! Try a BBQ grill mat to keep your grill clean use after use. Lay the mat on the grill, and bring it all up to grilling temperature together. Not only will you still get grill marks on your food, but you'll also eliminate the need for skewers or grill baskets - nothing will fall through the grate! Flare ups will also be avoided. Try it if you like to grill fish - nothing sticks to the grate, and even delicate fish fillets will stay in tact.

2. Check the propane. 

For those that use a propane powered grill, you might consider attaching a propane gauge to the tank. You will know at a glance if you've got enough gas to cook dinner, or if it's time for a refill.

3. Upgrade your BBQ Tools

You know you'll need a spatula, fork and tongs that are tough enough for use at the grill. Wusthof makes a great line of heavy duty grill tools that will stand the test of time and outdoor elements.

Wusthof BBQ Tools

You might also consider a new thermometer and a grilling glove that extends up the arm. These are safer than standard kitchen hot pads, and will keep your arm from getting singed. 

4. Serve it up

Cutting boards or trays that can go from the grill to the table are a must. We love Epicurean boards because they are knife friendly and made in the USA.

While on the subject of cutting boards, also consider your knives. After spending so much time and energy on cooking the steaks, make sure you're using the right knife for the job when it's time to slice. Check out the Super Slicer from Wusthof if you're serving something like brisket or tri tip, you will love this knife. Get through these large or wide cuts of meat in one, clean slice.

We're excited to see the sun and uncovering our grills. Grill season is finally here, and we can't wait to get the gang together and get some burgers going!


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