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I Love to Clean?!

I Love to Clean?!

I love a clean house! Perhaps because I grew up that way. My mother kept a pristine home in spite of raising 6 children. We used to joke around and call her “Mrs. Clean”. When my father would hear us call her that he would remind us how hard our mom worked to keep it that way and also call to our attention that we were never ashamed to have any friends over because our home was not presentable. Mom tried very hard to instill those same values in us. I would like to say that my home is always sparkling clean and ready to receive company but sadly the “cleaning gene” did not get passed to me! Please don’t get the wrong idea, I am not living in a cesspool, but unfortunately, I am just not my mother.

I am always looking for the best solution, figuratively and literally, to clean certain areas of my home. I bought a steam mop for my hard floors so that I could clean without any chemicals. It was heavy and awkward, not to mention expensive, but it got the job done. Now, it's broken and cannot be repaired and I am reluctant to shell out the money to get a new one. It turns out that there is alternative to a steam mop that will get my floors just as clean – probably cleaner – that uses only water and does not take a week’s salary to purchase, and it's made by e-cloth.

Fortunately, all of us who work at the Culinary Apple just received a sample pack of e-cloth - a brand new product that we just started carrying at the store. I took my sample pack home and actually started using it right away. The kitchen cloth did such an amazing job with minimal effort, I was instantly hooked. It cut through the mess on my cooktop and spiffed up my stainless steel appliances with just water! Better yet e-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria without chemicals. Since the kitchen cloth did so well I went ahead and purchased the floor mop and the starter pack and I am so glad I did. The mop is so much easier to use than a steam mop and my floors are cleaner since it removes over 99% of bacteria. The e-cloth makes having a clean house so much easier and I am more motivated to clean everything I see. Mom would be very happy.

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In honor of Earth Day, all E-cloth Products are 20% Off through April 22nd!

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