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Bridge Coaching Supplies

Last year we posted about the Bridge Coaching tablecloths, and how they have made such a positive difference with the local bridge club. Well, the bridge club is still going strong, and they've even added new members. The bridge party tablecloth helps when new members join, especially if they are beginners or need a refresher on bridge bidding rules.

"Everyone can play more confidently with the bidding tips right in front of them. So, it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone," said one bridge club member.

Culinary Apple carries other bridge supplies, too, like high quality Piatnik bridge playing cards, score books and tallies (which can be difficult to find), and a bridge bidding guide. The other item that has become more popular lately is the bridge coaching placemats. These include the same information as the bridge tablecloth, but are laminated. They offer great flexibility when the only table available isn't a typical card table size. The placemats are easy to clean and store, as well. 

Bridge Coaching Tablecloth Bridge Coaching Tablecloth Bridge Coaching Tablecloth Bridge Coaching Tablecloth


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