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Kitchen Scrubby or Sensory Tool?

Kitchen Scrubby or Sensory Tool?

I was so taken with our new silicone kitchen scrubbies from Kuhn Rikon. I found myself constantly touching and holding them because they felt so cool--that probably had something to do with the fact it has over 5,000 silicone bristles. I watched as customers had the same reaction as I did. Unable to resist reaching out to touch and feel them got me thinking...I have a son who is a sensory seeker, and a few friends do too. If we as adults get so much enjoyment out of them, what kind of reaction would a young sensory seeker get? I convinced my girlfriend to try it, and the results were wonderful! Her little one felt calmed and soothed, instead of anxious. Simply rub the scrubby along the forearms, palms of the hands, lower legs and the bottoms of your little one's feet. These scrubbies are small enough to carry around, even during school or on outings, to calm and soothe when they are needed most. Because they are made from silicone, they do not harbor bacteria, and are easily cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher.

Of course, this kitchen scrubby also works as a cleaning tool! It looks like a sponge, but holds no water. This is great, because while you're scrubbing dishes everything comes off the dish, but nothing sticks to the scrubby. When you're done, it self drains leaving no smell like some dishcloths and sponges. It's safe for all types of cookware including non-stick pans and glass cooktops. It's flexible, easy to grip and comes in a variety of colors. Oh, and when it's dry, it also works as a lint remover!

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