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The Journey of Becoming Culinary Apple Part 2

In 1998, we made a huge decision to create a store to experience by doing an extensive remodel. We hired a designer to help us create a pay station that looked like a country fruit stand and have the four seasons of an apple tree coming down from the ceiling. The design of the spring tree was obvious; it would be covered in apple blossoms. We designed the summer and fall trees to have apples hanging, but we weren't sure how to make the winter tree stand out. The designer suggested there could be glittery, frosty apples hanging on it. The winter apples needed to have a name, so we had a contest to name this new variety of apple. The customer that won the contest wrote a delightful poem, naming the winter apples “Frosty Appsicles.” 

Frosty Appsicle
In Spring the flowers bloom and fruit begins to grow.
Look at all the laden trees standing in a row.
In the sunny valley, the fruits turn red and gold.
Fall is when they’re picked, off to market to be sold.
Winter is a wonderland with magic in the air.
Come into The Harvest Tree, see something very rare.
High above your head, special apples will be found.
The only place on earth Frosty Appsicles abound.

Thank you to Karolyn Bates and Michele Pettyjohn, for this beautiful poem. Even though our store has been redesigned since then, we still cherish it all these years later.

Culinary Apple circa 1998 

Culinary Apple circa 1998

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