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Bridge Coaching Supplies Make a Big Impact with Local Bridge Club

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our local bridge club. They meet every Monday afternoon, and have 3 tables of competitive bridge going. I was interested in visiting with this group in particular, because several months ago one of their members paid us a visit at the store. Cathy came in, and saw that we carried bridge supplies like bridge playing cards, score books and tallies (which can be difficult to find), and a bridge bidding guide. She started purchasing the bidding guide for a few of the ladies in the club, then others started coming in to pick up their own. One day she mentioned having seen a Bridge Coaching Tablecloth with all the important bidding information printed on it at each seat around the table. Everyone would have bidding information literally at their fingertips! We brought in a few, and put them on our website, and sold out almost immediately--including to Cathy and our local bridge club. I went up and took a few pictures of the ladies in action.

Bridge Coaching Tablecloth Bridge Coaching Tablecloth Bridge Coaching Tablecloth Bridge Coaching Tablecloth

These Bridge Coaching Tablecloths became such a hit, that we ordered more and more, until finally the cottage industry the manufacturer of these tablecloths created was sold to a larger company. While this new company is working out the kinks of printing the tablecloths, we discovered they also produce Bridge Coaching Placemats. These have been a great substitute, and in fact, we've received feedback that some actually like them more than the tablecloths because of their flexibility. They fit at any sized table, and are easy to clean. All the information needed is printed on them, so bidding and scoring is so easy.

We are still waiting for the Bridge Coaching Tablecloths to be available again, and you will be able to purchase them on our website as soon as that happens. In the meantime, if you're searching for bridge coaching items, consider the Bridge Coaching Placemats as an alternative. Keep bidding information at your fingertips, and play bridge with confidence!

Author's Note: The Bridge Coaching Tablecloths have been back in stock for a few months, and they are as popular as ever!

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