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The Rest of the Culinary Apple Journey

In 2000, we purchased the Fudge Factory, and Dave became the Fudge Master. Our staff even had an apron made that Dave proudly wore for many years that said "Fudge Master." Today, one of our favorite gifts to give is our 1 pound box of fudge with four different flavors. You can read more about Dave and his journey on his Fudge Blog.

We'd owned the Harvest Tree for about 5 years when we decided to try opening a second store down the block. So, in 2001 the Kitchen Station was born. We became known for equipping everyone from the beginning home cook, to the experienced chef. It was located on the second block of Woodin Avenue, so it was a pretty easy stroll from The Harvest Tree on the first block. Our entire team worked at both locations, and at times answering the phone was a real challenge. We really needed to focus on where we were working that day! Our customers got a chuckle out of our ongoing confusion.

Operating two stores was a challenge, and in 2006 we decided to combine them under one roof. The Harvest Tree building was the ideal location for both stores. We remodeled the building and added 1700 square feet. During the remodel, we had a sales meeting with our team, and brainstormed ideas for a new name for the new store. We had loyal customers who loved our apple gift items, and others who were always looking for the latest kitchen gadget. So, which name to use? The Harvest Tree? The Apple Store? Kitchen Station? Vicki Peebles, our store manager at the time said, "What about Culinary Apple?" And we think she coined a phrase that represented both our passions. So, our store, newly combined became Culinary Apple. We remain a Mom & Pop business, and are proud to have been family owned since 1996.

Applely yours, Mary

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Cindy Sheff - April 11, 2015

Gosh Mary, since 1996? Where did the years go I wonder! I remember you or Dave telling me that you were acquiring “a little apple store over in Chelan” and now it is nearly 20 years later. I recall you fondly, always with a smile…and have missed your smiling faces all these years! (((Hug))) Cindy

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