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Social Distancing while Staying Socially Connected

Social Distancing while Staying Socially Connected

I have the chance to talk on our local radio station a couple times each month. Usually, I get to talk about a promotion we are doing, or highlight a new product I'm excited about. These chats are usually light-hearted and fun, and a great way to stay connected with our local community.

I usually bring an outline of what I want to cover, because I tend to get a bit distracted or nervous and easily forget what I wanted to say! As I prepared for this weeks radio spot, I found myself thinking about how small businesses can survive in a time of social distancing. These are my notes - it ended up more like a blog post, so I thought I'd share it here, too.

Stay healthy, everyone!


  1. Social Distancing

First, Culinary Apple is open. I will be operating normal business hours, because I have a lot I want to accomplish at the store. I still have inventory en route and I need to be here to accept it. We have had a website for many years, and I am taking this time to make sure it is up to date, this is much easier if I’m at the store. Websites take a lot of time, so even if I only did that, I would have plenty to do! If I’m at the store, my door will be open. I have really appreciated those that have stopped in to say hi, buy a soup mix and offer some encouragement. I know we will get through this time, and I want to be ready when we are released from these quarantine measures. If I’m at the store, I will welcome you. Now, that being said, we are disinfecting regularly, and I will make sure to stay 6 feet away from you. We will not be touching your credit card anymore, and we do have hand sanitizer on our counter.

I am operating on a smaller staff in the store. I have one employee who will be staying home – she’s pregnant, and it’s just the right thing to do. She’s still working, though! Thankfully, she’s really good on the computer, and she’s helping me gather new images for our website, and I hope to have more at-home projects for her in the coming weeks.

The thing I think we’re all struggling with is that humans are social. It’s just how we’re made. So, figuring out how to be socially distant while still being socially active and engaged is pretty difficult. At Culinary Apple, we are trying to stay connected with you through our Facebook videos. We’ve received some great comments/likes/shares, and it really means a lot to us. These videos are definitely homemade, but we’re learning! We’re trying to highlight products that might be useful during this time, give tips for things to do with the kids, etc. Check them out, and like/follow us! We are posting all these videos to our YouTube channel, as well.

  1. Food Bank Donation

We saw a post from Lake Chelan Brewing who decided to donate $1 for every burger purchased, and that got us thinking about what we could do. Of course, we thought of fudge! So, we will be donating $1 for every lb of fudge purchased and/or every 3 bags of our cinnamon glazed nuts. These make great gifts for neighbors and friends who might need a little pick-me-up, and we can deliver. In fact, Ethan, my 16 year old son has done a couple doorstep deliveries, and it’s worked just great.

  1. What Else Can You Do?

The last thing I wanted to just mention is that there are a lot of ways to support your downtown business communities in Chelan and Manson or wherever you are. You all know about curbside pick up and take out from our local restaurants. Take advantage of that service, and maybe try something new!

You can always buy gift cards now and use them later. I think it’ll be so fun to know you have that waiting for you when you can come shop again. If you’re a Rewards Member with us, give us a call. You can purchase a gift card over the phone, and we’ll staple it to your Rewards Card. (509) 682-3618.

Leave a review for your favorite businesses on the various social sites. Facebook, Yelp, Google Business – there are a lot of them out there. These reviews make a difference to all types of businesses, and it’s an easy way to support your local stores and restaurants that will help us in the months to come.

Stay healthy, everyone!!

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JoAnne Strandberg - March 30, 2020

Thanks for the message, Ann and Mike. We look forward to seeing you again when it’s safe to visit. In the meantime, stay healthy!! Remember, we can always ship to you as well!

Ann Dehn/Michael Brown - March 28, 2020

Hi There, My husband Mike had you holding a knife sharpener for him. We were coming from the West side April 3rd to purchase but are no longer able to come. Thought we should let you know so you can release the hold.
Thank you!
Ann & Mike

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